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I”m a Gen X-er that worked in the tech sector of the Music Industry from late 2000 to 2010. In that time, I witnessed first hand as the tech, and housing bubble burst on the west coast of California. Frequently traveling throughout the state to work with major label musicians and soundtrack composers, I gleaned a wealth of knowledge in that time. It was the proverbial, ‘baptism by fire’ so to speak. While I miss a lot of my clients and colleagues, I would never want to be involved on any level of the major label music industry at this point. My natural skepticism, combined with years of experience, has led me to predict a huge downturn in the pro-audio market as well as music sales.

However, I will never stop bringing attention to the new music, artists, and pro-audio visionaries that I think are the exception. Sometimes the outliers are the best way to get an idea of what the average will be down the road. Regardless of this, it is an exciting time for self publishing musicians, cottage record labels, and emerging tech. I would also urge any of you financially capable of supporting these visionaries to do so. They may be the last vanguard before the music industry gets completely destroyed by major label vultures and social engineers in the tech industry.

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You may notice that I don’t link directly to YouTube, but instead, link to Invidio.us. Invidious allows you to watch and share YT videos without sending any direct traffic to YouTube. This also effectively cripples any annoying ads you would get while watching the links. There are alot of features you can use on Invidious links, i.e. download the video and audio files separately, play the video in the background on your mobile device, etc.

Here’s a useful archived post that explains how to use Invidious:

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